Quickfire Review: My Everything by Ariana Grande

Artist: Ariana Grande

Album: My Everything

Rating: 3.5/5

With the release of her sophomore album on August 22nd, the self-proclaimed “weird and dark” US mini-diva Ariana Grande aims to show another side of herself – musically at least. Stepping (slightly) away from the R&B/Motown blueprint of her debut Yours Truly, Grande drives into high gear with mega-hit of the Summer “Problem” featuring Iggy Azelea. With a saxophone sample nodding to Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop” and whispered (courtesy of Big Sean) chorus, “Problem” is anything but the single choice most thought Ariana would debut from her second record. The next single “Break Free” was even more of a jump into club territory. Produced by one of the most talented (and prolific) DJs of the moment, Zedd, “Break Free” is a slow building dance track punctuated by the soaring vocals that have made Ariana the star she is. “Best Mistake” (Featuring Big Sean, less whispering this time) is a slight return to the sound of Grande’s first album, a slow jam with a retro R&B flair. While there are a few more ballads and one or two poppier tracks on the album, “Hands on Me” is a frantic standout track that’s quite unlike anything she’s done before. While “My Everything” most likely won’t change the world, it will definitely set the charts (and Spotify) on fire. Go Grande! Laurence Keating.