Quickfire Review: Panucci’s Pizza

Artist: Panucci’s Pizza

Album: All Of My Friends Are Familiar And The Steps I Took To Realise This

Rating: 4/5

Admittedly, Panucci’s Pizza is probably not a band for all tastes. However, on the Pennsylvania duo’s sophomore album, All Of My Friends…, they show their ability to write short, exhilarating songs which bring together the snotty attitude of punk rock with the more gentle aspects of the emo revival which has been taking the American underground by storm in recent months. Whilst the production is completely non-existent, the timing is sometimes off and the vocals are far from perfect, these aspects of the record to create exactly what’s so great about it. This is the perfect album for sitting in your bedroom and thrashing out all your angst about that cute guy/girl you saw at the Boole who will never look twice at you because your acne is playing up again – it doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to mean something. Kelly Doherty.