Review: Funeral Suits at Cyprus Avenue 9/12/12 | Katie Healy

Stumbling upon a band I like during an all-night YouTube marathon is a rare feat in itself, discovering that the band I found is a home-grown talent is quite spectacular.  The indie-electro quartet Funeral Suits clamoured to popularity through festival circuits at home and abroad before releasing their debut album Lily of The Valley earlier this year. At Cyprus Avenue we saw the end of the Irish leg of their tour, the culmination of their efforts.

After waiting patiently, the tardy support act Nanu Nanu stormed the stage with a burst of synth and distorted vocals. Far from melodic, the cosmic superhero duo certainly entertained the crowd before the main event. From the outset, the Dublin four-piece appeared demure and somewhat restrained; delivering hits such as ‘Florida’andHealth’without packing the same punch that was dealt upon listening to the album. The haunting vocals in ‘Hands Down’ plunged the band into an ethereal realm, however the effervescent, synth-driven and incredibly catchy ‘All Those Friendly People’ was performed with such melancholy that it left me feeling cold and disenchanted.

133379_4605224804854_302064402_oLily of The Valley is an album that shows the bands diversity, a diversity that does not translate well on-stage. Funeral Suits showed great talent and musicianship through swapping roles and instruments mid-set but the lack of a permanent frontman washed away the remnants of their onstage persona. Instead of interacting with the crowd between songs, they chose to swill beers with their backs turned to the audience, occasionally gracing us with a mumbled song name from behind their fringes.

Despite their stage presence (or lack thereof) you cannot deny that Funeral Suits are a talented group. This just wasn’t their night.