James Carroll writes on Adele’s experience with the Saturn return, a unique astrological phenomenon.


As anyone who is a fan of Adele, has ever read a headline, or generally does not live under a rock would know, the music legend underwent a significant life upheaval in 2019 when she divorced from Simon Konceki at the age of thirty. I’ll explain in a bit why her age is significant to this. Another thing of note is Adele’s tattoo of the planet Saturn on her forearm, inked around the time of her divorce. After speculation from the likes of the Daily Mail, Adele explained the tattoo’s significance to her admirers and reporters, saying it had everything to do with her ‘Saturn return.’ This left many people confused; what could a ‘Saturn return’ mean? Well I am here to clarify how a planet and its position could flip our life upside down, and why our favourite people and celebs could be suffering from a ‘quarter life crisis.’


First, Saturn is the toughest planet in terms of the aspects of a person’s life it governs; it oversees order, tolerance, responsibility, maturity, and discipline. Which all sounds as though Saturn is a more of a parental figure rather than a figure in astrology. Saturn is regarded as a ‘great teacher’ and not only during the period deemed as ‘Saturn return’. 


Every twenty-seven to thirty years, Saturn returns to its position at the time of your birth. This important planetary occurrence is not only interesting but marks an important period of dramatic change in someone’s life.  During this period a person may start to reconsider many aspects of their life. In Adele’s case, it was her husband. These revelations can lead to many different things, from lifestyle changes, to giving up alcohol, changing jobs, or dropping toxic friends. Someone could experience these together or just once during their Saturn return. Whatever change it is, it will be a stark turnaround from the way they lived before.  


A Saturn return will not be simple as having a massive glow up and moving on with your life. This time of your life can be extremely painful. As you come to terms with who you really are as an individual and make those painful choices that will ultimately prove positive once the storm clears. In informal terms, Saturn will humble you. Many people say that a Saturn return can be uncomfortable and painful, but necessary. These changes made during this time could stick with you forever, and enable you to live as your truest, happiest and best self. If you felt moved enough by this change, Saturn makes a pretty cool tattoo. 


So next time you see a celebrity getting a divorce, changing style or partying a lot, dismiss what the tabloids say and consider that it may be the Saturn return taking effect. And when you hit the ripe age of thirty, look up your birth chart to see if you are having a justifiable ‘quarter life crisis.’ If you find yourself struggling during this changing time, just try to breathe, ride the wave and remember the wise words of Adele: ‘It’s just your Saturn return babes.’ Try to read that quote in her accent, it’s a lot more fun. 

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