Shoring Up: Corcaigh Shore Review

vii-1-ac-corcaighshoreGTL now stands for Gym, Tan and Langers thanks to the release of Corcaigh Shore – Elaine Murphy reviews the latest offering from the rebel county

First there was Jersey Shore, where we innocent Corkonians were taught about “GTL”. Soon followed the effervescent Geordie Shore, which made terms such as “gazzed”, “getting mortal” and “tashin’on” part of everyday vocabulary. The Irish continued the trend with Tallafornia where the Dubs made us extremely proud by introducing the world to our scoring rooms.  Now the rebel county has now sliced and diced all of these shows with this summer’s internet hit, Corcaigh Shore.

While some people have deemed the show trashy they’ve obviously skipped past the start that states that it’s a mockumentary. Ultimately, the show was recorded for the craic, and this is easy to see from the get go. The show is an overstated version of a typical day in Cork city, starring Cian, Jeff, Dave, Ben, Megan, Fiona and Rachel. Certain highlights of the show include the lad’s one-liners such as getting “dossed” and “eating naggin’s for breakfast” , which will no doubt be used by many Corkonians to reference every Tuesday and Thursday night from now on.

While the show lacks authenticity due to its mockumentary style, the “lolz” and the “bants” are definitely had. The lads show how their ordinary day in Cork is spent by diving into the Lough while the girls take the classier route and work on their tans for the day while visiting some of Cork’s fine scenery.  Some viewers may find that the show lacks a spark seen in the likes of Geordie Shore, it does capture the essence of a night out in the rebel city . Like real Corkonians, it takes one to two hours to fully prepare for the night out ahead, followed by a massive meal in the infamous Captain America’s complete with a “shneaky naggin’” under the table. The rest of the night progresses in typical Cork fashion, getting langers, getting the shift and taking a dip in the elusive fountain. While it may not be the most original of ideas one can’t doubt the tribalism at play here, sure it’s just some lads acting the maggot on a night out but look! They’re getting drunk outside of Hillbilly’s for god’s sake.

The video itself has been a massive success with over 200,000 views since its release on the 28th of July this summer and it may be a bit cringe worthy at times, we can at least appreciate the effort that its creator, Stephen Randles has put into it. So while we all may not be “eating naggin’s for breakfast” just yet, Motley is definitely looking forward to the cast’s  future endeavours in getting “mouldy”.