Words by Julie Hassett

For some reason, year after year, we wait until Halloween night to make it acceptable to scare ourselves out of our wits. No doubt we’ve already started compiling our horror movies and games to prepare ourselves for a spooky night in. But, if you haven’t already, you’d better add Slender to that list.

Based on the CreepyPasta character, the PC game places you in the first person as you traverse a creepy forest in the dead of night with nothing but a crappy flashlight and the unnerving sounds of nature accompanying you. You need to collect eight pages plastered all around the map, all the while turning corners and walking down mazes, praying the Slenderman doesn’t jump out at you.

I would recommend playing this game with the lights off and completely alone.

It’s nothing revolutionary in its gameplay, but as you stroll through the terrain, the anticipation of the Slenderman’s inevitable jump scare is enough to get you in the spooky mood.

The Slenderman is usually depicted as a tall man wearing a black suit with creepy tentacles protruding from its back and a featureless, white face. This horrific face is the last thing you see when the Slenderman catches you, and then it’s game over. If Slender doesn’t do it for you, check out Slender: Arrival, where the already scary

Slenderman is accompanied by Proxy, an equally creepy but fast-moving companion, and traverse a far larger landscape as you try to escape from both with your life.


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