Social Media Massacre: Facebook & Twitter to Be Banned on Campus | Grace O’Sullivan

Image 1Here we are, the last week of term two and UCC announces they’re banning all forms of social media from on campus computers. In addition, any computer using the network will be prevented from going on all forms of social media. This means no more Facebook checks on your laptop or any on campus device – effective immediately.

What UCC Are Saying?

Apparently there is a three-pronged reasoning behind the ban:

  1. Disruption: For some reason it is believed that if you’re checking your twitter page, or looking through your Facebook photos, it is distracting to those around you. UCC say they are not going to tolerate people trying to study being interrupted just because your previous night’s adventures need to be documented online.
  2. Marked decrease in grades: In recent years there has been a significant decrease in the number of higher results being awarded. According to UCC it is their main objective to maintain the highest academic standard and if this means removing all distractions so be it.
  3. Lack of space: As we all know, finding a seat in the library can often turn into a treasure hunt at times. UCC want to ensure all those taking up valuable seats are actually working – and not just mindlessly hash tagging rubbish.

What We Are Saying?

Apparently UCC are justified in this ridiculous ban, well:

  1. Disruption: It is not your fault if you are sitting next to a nosey parker, is it? Just because your life is interesting and those around you are not invested in their work, isn’t your fault surely? Perhaps they should re-evaluate their dedication to their studies.
  2. Marked decrease in grades: If the fall in academic results is a problem, perhaps papers should be marked easier; college is enough of a challenge as it is without having the extra pressure of striving for a first just so you can update your status.
  3. Lack of space: Perhaps if the time spent coming up with this ban was put into trying to fit in more seating we would be in a much better position.

Students of UCC, we all need to make our voices heard – this type of censorship isn’t acceptable in today’s technological society.