Here’s Societies Spotlight #3! Again, we have so many activities happening over the next few weeks!

Don’t be afraid to get involved with our societies here in UCC. With exams coming up, it’s great to take a break and try something new. Time flies when you’re in college, so it is important to make the most of it while you can!

If you ever have any questions about societies, don’t hesitate to email me (Kayla, Societies President) at president@uccsocieties.ie and I’ll help you as best I can!


Societies Week:

We’ll have societies week 2 from the 27th-31st of January with events such as our alumni event

and the Societies Open Evening, inviting school students from around Cork to visit UCC and to

find out about our societies. It’ll be an excellent week to come in and see some of our societies

and to find out about how you can get involved!


Here are a few of the trainings and events we have planned for the next few months. Make sure you’re following us on social media to keep up with everything else we have planned!

22nd January: Membership Development Training and Awards Training.

23rd January: Speaker Series based around the media and promotion.

28th January: An Open Evening for Secondary Schools and Online Learners in the Aula Maxima from 6-9pm.

29th January: Rose of UCC in Devere Hall at 8pm. All funds raised will go to Jigsaw and CUH Childrens’ Appeal. This is similar to the Rose of Tralee, but UCC STYLE!

Social Media:

Be sure to follow us on our

social media pages! Just

search for UCC Societies.

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