Hello everyone! My name is Mair Kelly (She/Her) and I’m the Vice-President and PR and Media Officer for UCC Societies Executive this year. My role involves highlighting all the different events and opportunities Societies offer so people can get involved!


What is a Society?


Societies are groups run by students for students that look at different areas of interest and are focused on creating a sense of community and friendship in UCC! We have over 100 societies in UCC that come under different grouping; Political and Activism, Social, Creative, Cultural and Debating, Business, Law, Medical and Health, Science, Engineering and Food Science and Charitable and Religious. There’s a huge range of topics and areas and it’s a great way to find people who share similar interests, or learn something new! Any student can get involved in the Societies community, first year or final year, it’s welcome to all


As we come back to campus we understand how challenging it can be to find a group or friends that you click with, especially if you’ve been online for the past year, and the whole realm of college and societies can be a bit overwhelming. 


What’s On?


To help with this, we’re holding the Give it A Go Festival from the 13th-1st October! During this time Societies will be holding introductory events that give students a chance to test out different societies and find one’s they like. There is a whole range of in-person, blended and online events that are open to any student who wishes to get involved! If you’re unsure who you’d like to get to know, we’ll also be running the Socs Sampler on Wednesdays the 22nd and 29th of September where students will be assigned a random Society for an activity,  If you aren’t feeling up for events just yet, Societies will also be on campus on the 25th and 29th of September for people to go along, have a chat and get to know each other.


If you’d like to get more involved, check out our website at societies.ucc.ie or check out our socials @uccsocieties!