Spotted Around UCC: Style Edition | Leah Driscoll

While the bitterly cold weather has anyone with any sense wrapping up, it’s safe to say the style in around campus is heating up and fast. Lie all you want, but I know and hope that I am not the only person who spends half of their time in college checking out the many attractive outfits that pass by on a daily basis. On behalf of all clothes creepers in UCC, I took the liberty of whipping out a camera and begging to share wardrobes with some, but by no means all, of the fashion-savvy ladies I came across. Here’s who I found/stalked:

Leah1Evelyn O’Regan: First Year Applied Psychology

Denim shirt: Vintage.

Green top: Vintage.

Top: Found at a festival and ‘borrowed’ it!

Scarf: China.

Shoes: H&M.

Shoes: River Island.





Leah2Ciara Heffernan: Commerce and French Student

Coat: Topshop.

Scarf: Urban Outfitters.

Bag: Topshop.

Jeans: Topshop.

Shoes: ASOS.

Necklace: Penneys.

T-shirt: Topshop.





Leah5Niamh Carey

Top: Penneys.

Skirt: H&M.

Cardi: Granny’s cardigan!

Coat: Forever 21.

Bag: Red Herring.







Leah3Aisling O’Connor: Third Year Arts Student

Boots: Topshop.

Jeans: Topshop.

Jacket: Penneys.

Bag: Topshop.