The Not-So-Lonely Planet

  GTFO: Get Stuck Into Your Year Abroad by Getting the F*ck Out Siri tells me loneliness is a sadness due to lack of company, or being isolated, and while my semester abroad was academically engaging, it was a lonely one, something that seems to be a common thread on the UCC Confessions Twitter. UMaine […]

Just Erasmus Things: Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock

  Holly Buckley talks us through the strangeness of arriving home from a year abroad and how to cope with the readjustment. We have all heard of culture shock – that emotional difficulty and stress that comes from moving to a foreign country with different people and different cultures and different everything! It can be […]

Being in Paris

  Mark O’Leary muses on his recent trip to Paris, and whether its significance lies in its location or the feelings it inspires. Since my first visit to the city as an adult, last summer, Paris has occupied an almost sacred space in my self-conception. Travelling alone for the first time, Paris was the only […]

The Not So Lonely Planet Search for sisterhood: The Sometimes-Scary Sorority Life in US Universities

  In the second edition of her monthly column about studying abroad in America, Alana Daly Mulligan talks to a member of a sorority to gain an insight into Greek Life.   “I just want to know, do you wear cloaks?!” I joke. She chuckles a little and then looks at me; “I can’t disclose […]

Au pairing: not all it’s cracked up to be!

Ruth O’Dwyer sets out some of the key things to take into consideration before deciding to work as an au pair. Have you ever considered working as an au pair for the summer in order to improve your fluency in a particular language, or maybe just to gain some experience living in a foreign country? […]