Zombies Beware? Trump’s Bizarre YouTube Campaign

  With the American presidential election still fresh in our minds, it seems impossible to escape the worldwide discourse surrounding Donald Trump and Joe Biden in these recent weeks. social media remains alight with articles and snippets pertaining to both presidential candidates. As online media plays an ever more important role in swaying the masses […]

Down to Earth: Artificial Intelligence Revolutionising Farming

MIT freshman and founder of PlantumAI Neil Deshmukh talks with Motley’s Stephen Moynihan about his community tech venture to help identify crop disease with AI.  When most people think of artificial intelligence, they’ll think of our Star-Trek like homes where lights can respond to the sound of our voice, or the ability to arrange our […]

The Blue Pill: We’re Probably Still in the Matrix

  If you’ve been breathing at all since 1999, you may have heard of the philosophical science fiction action classic The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves. With its top-notch action and mind-bending sense of originality, it can be hard to believe that the film was released just over 20 years ago. In 1999, the idea of […]

Should We Care About What We Wear for Online College?

  Fashion Staff Writer Emma Treacy muses on the important role that fashion can play in boosting our mood and keeping us motivated as we endure the slog of rolling lockdowns and online college.   That piercing sound of the alarm going off each morning welcomes yet another day of lectures on Microsoft Teams and […]

Will AI be the next Religion?

  Célio Fioretti looks at the implications of AI on our faith systems and the implications of such.  With respectively 2.2 billion and 1.8 billion followers, Christianity and Islam are the two biggest religions in the world. Yet, the number of non-believers continues to grow in the West and are now the third biggest group […]

Machinations: The Effects of AI on the Job Market

  It’s a simple fact now that with the development of Artificial Intelligence, many industries are swapping out human workers for machine ones, and more increasingly in sectors previously thought to be safe from such developments. But this isn’t new information…Tadhg MacCionnaith discusses.    Artificial Intelligence is often seen as a threatening thing largely thanks […]