Scorn in the U.S.A.

Luke Kelly On Sunday the 18th of February at the NBA all-star game, former Black Eyed Pea and constant lady lumps enthusiast, Fergie, gave a performance of the American national anthem that could at best be described as daring, and at worst as a declaration of war on sound. The Twitter-verse was quick to pounce, with comparisons varying from Dory’s attempt at speaking whale in … Continue reading Scorn in the U.S.A.

The Other Ukraine

Seamus Allen on what you don’t know about the Ukraine Crisis. A Crisis Continued Amidst the building pressure for sanctions against Russia within the last two weeks it is important to remember not only that the crisis in Ukraine has not gone away, but to remember how it actually started in the first place. While Donald Trump blocked an escalation of sanctions a week ago, … Continue reading The Other Ukraine

On The Waterfront: Tales of the J1 Class of 2017

Éamonn Grennan talks about the haven of the San Juans and the novelty of a more holistic, community-focused J1 Off the coast of Washington State lie the San Juan islands, consisting of Lopez, Orcas and the titular San Juan, with an oasis of smaller islets dotting the periphery. 12,400 people call these islands their home, a number which swells impressively come tourist season. A haven … Continue reading On The Waterfront: Tales of the J1 Class of 2017

Portrait of a New America

Let’s paint a picture of Trump’s America…. Máirín-Rua Ní Aodha illustrates the limbo period between President-Elect Trump and President Trump. Donald trump shocked the world by securing victory as president-elect on the 8th of November. He has not left the headlines since his surprise win and is the subject of endless discussion, not least because he continues the global trend of unpredicted right wing victories. He … Continue reading Portrait of a New America

Puerto Rico: An Economic Crisis

Cillian Lyne details the specifics of the Puerto Rican Financial Crisis. A glance at any reputable Business based news source will reveal economic turmoil in Puerto Rico. For the casual reader this would elicit a calm “hmm” and a google search to determine where exactly Puerto Rico is before returning to reading the rest of the news. Puerto Rico is a trade hub between North … Continue reading Puerto Rico: An Economic Crisis

Yemen: A war overshadowed

Luke Holmes clears the mist on the overshadowed war currently occuring in Yemen. Doctors Without Borders announced that it was withdrawing from 6 hospitals in Northern Yemen due to the fact that they claimed Saudi Arabia were carrying out what they called “indiscriminate bombings”. The conflict in Yemen arose in March of 2015 when Houti rebels, loyal to Hussein Badreddin al-Houti who was killed by … Continue reading Yemen: A war overshadowed