UCD200: Reaction

Words: Amy O’ Callaghan If someone ever tries to claim that lad culture isn’t very prominent, please point them in the general direction of any college campus because sometimes, once in a while, an event can occur that firmly reinstates the fact that the #lads are still thriving within day-to-day society. One such event occurred just last week, when University College Dublin’s student newspaper, The … Continue reading UCD200: Reaction

REVIEW: Rihanna – ANTI

Words: Amy O’ Callaghan Few albums of recent years have been as anticipated and begged for as Barbadian singer Rihanna’s new release, ANTI. Her first release since 2012’s Unapologetic, it was leaked on Tidal, removed and added all in the same day, with Rihanna eventually accompanying the upload with a link for a free download to the album. The hype and anticipation surrounding ANTI could … Continue reading REVIEW: Rihanna – ANTI

What A Consent Class Looks Like

Amy O’Callaghan defends the worthiness of introducing consent classes in Irish Universities There’s a big conversation happening around the issue of consent at the moment, and rightly so. It finally appears as if the horrendous cycle of rape culture is being discussed in an effective matter by raising awareness of how “no” means “no.” It’s also an especially important topic in universities across the globe, … Continue reading What A Consent Class Looks Like