Motley Poetry: Way Back

By Glenn J. M. Bastide The road extended for leagues through thick woods, So quiet, I put a car for every three miles crossed, And on a night like this the very air was scented, Night I say though it couldn’t be dark, not here, We crossed unfinished houses and old ones ruined, Toads crossed […]

BLOCK Interview

Kieran Enright talks to BLOCK’s Shane Ramsbottom and Jason O’Donovan about Cork’s Music scene past, present and future. “There’s a change happening in Cork – you can even see it with the graffiti around the city. It’s very far out to say, but the first sign of a moment in a city is when art […]

Smells Like Dean Spirit

UCC telepathy researcher Eddie Dean is certainly a memorable stage presence, writes Lauren Mulvihill I’ll try almost anything once, which is how I ended up in a dark warehouse down an even darker road in the middle of Cork City one Sunday night. A red glow crept out of the doorway and onto the ground […]