January Poetry

Mo hata – Ava Ní Loingsigh   Look, keep your warm calloused hands and your smiling eyes, Keep those sea wet salty eyebrows under Connemara skies, Keep the easy-going attitude “Beidh gach rud ceart go lóir,” Stay there and sit in factor 50 on the sandy shore Keep the dances we danced together and try to dance like me Think of Fionnán eating lunch in … Continue reading January Poetry

Do we appreciate the art we see on Instagram? By Eve Roche

    As I scroll through Instagram on a cold winter’s evening, I find myself liking every post of art that I see.  Whether it’s a graphic print or a painting, I wouldn’t say my eyes rest on it for more than 20 seconds. One has to wonder if technology has affected the way we look and think about art.  Have we become more flippant?  … Continue reading Do we appreciate the art we see on Instagram? By Eve Roche


    Gael Cronin explores how art can become the solitary mode of communication from the depths of warzone and tragedy to the rest of the world.   In a time where every real-life horror story feels like déjà-vu, the search for a new Guernica – Pablo Picasso’s greatest political statement, an artwork reacting to the devastating Nazi bombing on the town of Geurnica in … Continue reading THE ART OF A FORCED SILENCE

The Painter

  A brief canvas of obsession and compulsion Etched blackened veins in strokes Of leaden paint. The painter in his madness portrayed chaos. What he thought were masterpieces were merely the manipulations of the claws that trickled up his spine, sending signals to his ailing wrists. One day he stood back, stooped in calmed breath, the lights turned mellow in his studio observing yet another … Continue reading The Painter

Troye Sivan: ‘Bloom’ Review

Our Editor Laurie Shelly reviews the young Australian pop-star’s latest album ‘Bloom’ “I’m taking in the sights and measuring the sounds.” On “Seventeen,” the opening track of Troye Sivan’s sophomore album, twenty-three-year-old Sivan recalls a younger version of himself making a conscious decision to record and commit to memory his own coming-of-age. With a strange mixture of discomfort and excitement swirling around amidst warm synths, … Continue reading Troye Sivan: ‘Bloom’ Review

What Makes a Magritte?

Kieran Enright discusses the French surrealist’s most famous works. I took a class in my second year of college entitled “Cultural Studies: Modern French Culture”, unbeknownst to its content. I expected a regimen of study centered around everyday French life: such things as political influence or social behavior came to mind. However, to my surprise, the module followed the lives of several influential artists throughout … Continue reading What Makes a Magritte?