Taking the Power Back

  “Taking the Power Back:” The Responsibility of the Rock and Metal Community to Ensure Solidarity With the BLM Movement.  Motley’s Emer Walsh takes a hard look at race in the hard rock community. The Rock and Metal Community has always acted as a safe space for those dealing with frustration; personal, public or political. The genre, thanks to Rage Against The Machine, the Sex … Continue reading Taking the Power Back

Editorial: The Pandemic of Systemic Oppression

Motley Editor-in-Chief Matthew Moynihan reflects on the seismic shift instigated by the murder of George Floyd Beyond the disturbing fog of tear gas, flash grenades and rubber bullets, a hopeful future has been emerging over the past fourteen days. Society at large has woken up to the issues faced by our minority friends, family and colleagues, and is willing to fight to rectify the stains … Continue reading Editorial: The Pandemic of Systemic Oppression

Black Lives Matter, and it’s more than a hashtag

    George Floyd’s brutal murder sparked nothing less than a revolution. Watching the video evidence shocked a lot of people, most of whom were clearly unaware of what happens in America everyday: the biased treatment of black people, which often results in the loss of their lives or baseless imprisonment. The Black Lives Matter movement didn’t start last week though, and if you thought … Continue reading Black Lives Matter, and it’s more than a hashtag