My Brilliant Friend and Female Friendship

Elizabeth Collins reviews ‘My Brilliant Friend’: A vicious full circle of female friendship.  I have never found it so hard to articulate my thoughts on a book. At first  I questioned whether this was because My Brilliant Friend is part of a four-part series, but it’s  not; in my mind, they are one book. I […]

Romance Books That Warmed My Cold Heart

Deputy Entertainment Editor Chloe Barrett shares a little list of romance books that will make you giggle while swinging your feet, or blush due to the steam.    Romance books have recently taken over the reading community, and are present on nearly every bookstore shelf. Trying to pick the perfect one can be tricky, as […]

Autumnal Books But Rated By Mushrooms

Deputy Entertainment Editor, Chloe Barrett, recommends the perfect reads for Autumn, but rates them out of mushrooms instead of stars.   The autumn weather wraps itself around you like a scarf, students stroll by wearing the cosiest jumpers, and a lovely cup of hot chocolate awaits you when you return home. What is missing from […]

Book Review: A Darker Shade of Magic

Darragh McGrath reviews the first novel in V.E. Schwab’s fantasy series “I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still” -Lila Bard I like to think of those of us who were introduced to reading and literature through Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings as the connoisseurs of the fantasy genre. For […]

Book Stores

A Table of One’s Own

Barry Pierce investigates the representation of female writers in Cork’s biggest bookshops. My bookshelves present a past life. If I were to do a census of my shelves I already know what the result would be. Volumes upon volumes of men. My bookshelves embarrass me now. A couple of years ago my only criteria for […]

Rituals: An Interview with Rob Doyle

Laura Hussey discusses the change of momentum in the Irish literary scene with Dublin based author, Rob Doyle. Rob Doyle has just released his second book This is the Ritual, the first of his published by Bloomsbury. I let him know that This is the Ritual is placed on the shelf in Waterstones Cork next […]