We Need To Talk About A New Good Friday Agreement

  Matthew Moynihan highlights the need for a revised agreement in the threat of a no-deal Brexit. Tongue-in-cheek, he bluntly concludes that the cabinet of Boris Johnson is as bizarre as the man himself.   With Boris Johnson’s government performing what can only be described as diplomatic ‘flexing’ and the EU sticking resolutely to its […]

Brexit – A Blessing In Disguise for UCC Students?

Motley’s Editor-in-chief, Eoin McSweeney, examines what Brexit means for Ireland and it’s youngest and brightest It looked like David Cameron had steered the ship to safety. His promise to lead his crew to new heights of prosperity was becoming a reality and his gamble had paid off. His and the UK’s destination could be seen […]

Ireland, Britain and the EU: A Marriage or Divorce of Convenience?

With Britain questioning its EU membership, Claire Fox asks what such a ‘divorce’ would mean for Ireland Ireland has always had an issue with separation. It took us 700 years to separate from Britain, a separation which dragged on until 1949 in which we finally severed all ties with our neighbour and declared ourselves a […]