ALYX – Streetwear Gold

    Conor O’Callaghan introduces the streetwear giant ALYX, from Matthew Williams, the design genius behind early Lady Gaga and Kanye West outfits. His new venture fuses tailoring and streetwear in a contemporaneous alchemy.    A safety buckle is an unlikely fashion statement. But it’s got multi-million dollar potential. Take it from Matthew Williams, founder of ALYX, a brand synonymous with its industrial and utilitarian … Continue reading ALYX – Streetwear Gold

The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style  

Words: Rachel Muckley People rise to fame in all sorts of ways. Some creep up on world media without us ever realising, while others struggle though minor successes for years until they make it. Interestingly, the concept of fame is constantly broadening, so that one can call themselves a celebrity for almost any reason. However we do, and we always have, synced up the celeb … Continue reading The Power of Celebrity: Talent vs. Style