China’s Chequebook Diplomacy

  Ben Ryan, having spent time in Malawi, draws from personal observation and global patterns in Chinese foreign investment to illustrate the diplomatic favour the state is currently inspiring with financial aid. The United States has retired into isolationism from being the world’s most overzealous policeman and now, China has begun to fill the void. The US and other nations have long been unwilling to … Continue reading China’s Chequebook Diplomacy

The Bull In The China Shop

Current Affairs Editor Hassan Baker interviews Professor Ann Lee on the Chinese Economy. In every Trump campaign speech montage that we’ve been bombarded with on social media, we’ve heard the word ‘China’ with an alluring emphasis on the ‘n’, repeated like some sort of hypnotic mantra. However the Trump campaign and the media have never really touched on why this country and its economy has … Continue reading The Bull In The China Shop