Sex and the Cinema: A Timeline

Ronan Watters Explores the History of Sex as Depicted in Mainstream Cinema. We love sex on the screen. Whether it is the latest arthouse offering from Cannes or the countless free “movies” you can find online at various websites, the answer is clear, we are obsessed as a species with watching others doing the act. […]

The Unmarketables: A Horror Renaissance

    Staff Writer Kane Geary O’Keeffe writes about a new wave of horror films that feature terrors that range far beyond the classic jumpscare, and discusses Hollywood’s inability to adequately market this subgenre.    Like it or not, horror has moved beyond the jump scare, and I believe we are in the midst of […]

Jojo Rabbit – A Thinly Veiled Masterpiece

Entertainment Editor Andrew Burke tells us what he thought about the strange new Fox Movie. I had the pleasure of seeing Jojo Rabbit back in November as part of the Cork Film Festival. At the time of writing this, I have watched it a second time, now that it has been released in Irish cinemas. […]

Joker Review

  As I sit here writing this review, before a poster of the Joker himself that has been on my wall for years, I’m quickly reminded of just how long I’ve been a fan of one of fiction’s most complex and well-known villains. The character has existed for over 75 years, yet still remains hugely […]

Spider-Man: Leaving Home

Motley Editor Dan Webb looks at the factors that led up to the recent breakdown in negotiations between Disney and Sony Pictures, and what this means for the future of Spider-Man, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe   I find myself sitting here writing an article I hoped I wouldn’t have to even think about, for […]

2016 Must See Films

Words: Liam Horgan 2015 has come and gone and with it a host of films. We had the visceral pleasure of Mad Max, the intelligence of Ex Machina and the return of Star Wars. Although 2015 was an entertaining year for film, especially low budget Indies, the coming year if anything looks a lot more […]