OPINION: Size Shouldn’t Always Matter

With Mattel introducing their new ‘Curvy Barbie’, Claire Fox asks whether political correctness has caused us to take ‘Size Matters’ a little too seriously, especially in something as simple as a doll. Size Matters. Dress size, breast size, penis size, diamond size, the list is endless. Our world is so concerned with this four letter […]

Chasing Foxes

Claire Fox chases down Grammy Award winning popstar, Foxes, to talk about her second studio album, which is released this month. “Is your surname actually Fox or is that a typo on my diary?” asks Louisa Rose Allen, as our muffled phone conversation gets underway. Sitting in a signature black London taxi cab, the Grammy […]


Review: Claire Fox The trailer for Joy which appeared on our TV screens early in the New Year was a catalogue of confusion. It painted Joy as a film about female empowerment, while also containing thriller-like and satirical elements. This confusion of genre surrounding Joy layered the film with a promising sense of excitement. Who […]

Glen Hansard: Rambling on the Road Less Travelled

Fresh from his US and Irish tours, Claire Fox chats with Academy Award winning singer songwriter, Glen Hansard, about the Irish music scene, upcoming Grammy Awards and abandoning love songs. “In Ireland, it’s hard to explain, but we have a thing to do with tribe. It’s very tribal. The way we connect with our artists […]

Afterword: Fleur East

Interview: Claire Fox You recorded over 50 songs for your debut album, Love, Sax and Flashbacks which is out December 4th, did you enjoy making the record? I did. I recorded over 50 songs and had the most fun locked away creating the ‘Fleur sound’ and ‘Sax’ was, funnily enough, one of the first songs […]

Afterword: Mark Huberman

Interview: Claire Fox One of your most renowned roles was as Private Lester Hashey in the cult mini-series Band of Brothers in 2001, how did this role come about? Somebody saw me in a play in Trinity, an agent came and signed me up. It was a crazy process, I’d auditions 8 times in London. […]