Dr. Miranda Corcoran – A Distant Dystopian Fiction Becomes a Tangible Chaotic Reality

Early science fiction often imagined apocalyptic scenarios in which, bereft of human inhabitants, the earth continues to flourish. Often in these stories some catastrophe – a nuclear war or a deadly disease – decimates the population, leaving few, if any, survivors behind. Yet, with people vanished from the globe, nature is replenished. The earth is […]

Brushing Up: The Impact of Dentistry on the Environment

The healthcare profession is one of the less environmentally-conscious contributors to our society. DentSoc’s Dewi Bolger-Moore talks about the impact of dentistry on our planet and how despite the overall need for systemic change, we can also do our bit.  Being an aspiring dentist and an aspiring environmentalist simultaneously is no mean feat. As many […]

Capitalism is Killing this Planet

Motley’s Current Affairs Staff Writer Brendan O’Grady argues that the current economic system is destroying our planet as the billionaire class booms in tandem with our world’s hunger for capital expansion.  First things first, let us define our terms: Capitalism is the dominant economic philosophy used globally by nation states and is based on the […]

UCC vs ESB: A micro examination of Climate Change

Following the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ESB’s negligence to UCC regarding the 2009 floods that summer, Motley’s Current Affairs Staff Writer Brendan O’Grady examines the case as a clear example of the climate change our world is facing, right on the banks of our very own own river.  Climate change is edging its way […]

A Week in my Wardrobe

Opening up my wardrobe publicly for a week is admittedly daunting, and a pressure which I’m certain is familiar to most. No longer do we fear the eyes of others judging whether our outfit choices are trendy enough, expensive enough, fashionable enough – we now face ethical dilemmas.It is so fitting that the first issue […]

The Art of Impact

Head of Staff-Writing, Kane Geary O’Keefe highlights the importance of climate-conscious arts through the pandemic and offers a review of the books, films and music that kept him sane, in an all too insane time.  Speaking from experience, I consumed more media during our national lockdown this year than healthy meals. The arts endure a […]