The Power of Yoga! Or, Stretching is Good for You

Grace Claro discusses the benefits of yoga for strung-out students during exam season Stressed and sore. Two words which pretty much sum up how my mental and physical state was this time last year.  In the depths of winter, juggling final year assignments and working weekends at home, I felt completely zapped of all my […]

Should We Care About What We Wear for Online College?

  Fashion Staff Writer Emma Treacy muses on the important role that fashion can play in boosting our mood and keeping us motivated as we endure the slog of rolling lockdowns and online college.   That piercing sound of the alarm going off each morning welcomes yet another day of lectures on Microsoft Teams and […]

Mature Students Struggling to Find Accomodation

by Mike Ryan and Gary Mulcahy Finding somewhere to live for any student on a limited budget can be challenging.  Mature students face a number of extra hurdles as they commit to studying full-time and supporting themselves independent of any family support. Many mature students are parents and have dependents to support. A high number […]

Leaving Cert 2020

The unique experience of the Leaving Certificate class of 2020 culminated yesterday morning, 6th September, as they became the first group of students to have received Calculated Grades without having sat State Examinations. The Calculated Grades system worked based on a teacher’s estimate of how a student would perform in the examination. After these grades […]

Not So Quietly and Peacefully: What’s Happening in Belarus

Current Affairs Editor Alana Daly Mulligan looks at the political upheaval unfolding in Belarus as a result of Sunday’s election.  Tuesday, 11th August, at 5 pm: My mind is anywhere except in the real world, but that’s about to change rapidly.   *Ping*  I look at my phone and open the message.  Them: “Sorry for the […]

Prejudice in Poland – the LGBTQ+ Community and President Andrzej Duda.

John Hunter places a spotlight on the anti-LGBT policies of the recently re-elected President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and how these policies are out of step with much of the Polish population.  The serge of populist, right-wing politics in countries across much of the world in the past decade has revealed itself as a serious […]