Colm Cahalane asks if the new social media is eroding the effectiveness of traditional media on campus. Note: This article was edited on 20th February 2016 following the arrival of new information. The campus radio station stays tucked away on the top floor of Áras Na Mac Leinn, and on the ground floor the staff behind the reception desk have decided they’d rather listen to … Continue reading CAMPUS OPINION: Frequencies

Inside the Student Hub

Colm Cahalane documents exciting and promising developments with UCC’s newest building. In previous articles for Motley Magazine, I’ve spoken about a lack of resources available to students for access to creative spaces and in access to IT services. With the construction of the new Student Hub, UCC hopes to be able to resolve a few of these problems, and it seems rather promising. The Student … Continue reading Inside the Student Hub

Year Without Lights

In 2015 in Cork City, we celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of George Boole, father of the information age. But are we going about it the right way? Colm Cahalane discusses how UCC’s George Boole 200 campaign lets down a richer history. Most people in Ireland carry a smartphone with them. Let’s think about what that means. Behind some of the technical terms associated with … Continue reading Year Without Lights