The Final Countdown

Leah Driscoll documents the lingering existential dread that has engulfed semester two. The last twenty-something years have been pretty sweet and decision-free. The majority of us have moved seamlessly from primary, to secondary, to third level education with only one or two CAO related bruises along the way. By final year of college, those bruises have long faded. But now, as our three or four-year … Continue reading The Final Countdown

RAG Week: The Musical

Words: Kyle Malone This month, UCC celebrates RAG Week, a term which literally is defined in the Oxford Dictionary as: “An act of ragging; an extensive display of noisy disorderly conduct, carried on in defiance of authority or discipline.” Though most students will look forward to RAG Week as a time to relax and unwind with friends, others are busy at work, as UCC is … Continue reading RAG Week: The Musical

10 Ridiculous Things 98.6 % Certain to Happen at Next Month’s London Fashion Week

Words: Rachel Muckley 1. To Grunge or Not to Grunge? Kate Moss will rock up in a shredded ensemble, complete with J Brand jeans and a glossy leather look and everyone will literally (but most likely figuratively) die. How come when Mossy dresses like an urban rock goddess she’s the front page for weeks but when we do it, we’re asked to leave restaurants because … Continue reading 10 Ridiculous Things 98.6 % Certain to Happen at Next Month’s London Fashion Week

We Don’t Need Feminism

Leah Driscoll adds feminism to the list of unwanted things to leave behind with all your other regrets in 2015. Third wave feminism has ebbed and flowed since the nineties, but in the past year or two the wave has been more like a tsunami. We’re pretty much drowning in calls for equality, seeing as everyone from Malala to Miley is a feminist these days. … Continue reading We Don’t Need Feminism