A Week In My Wardrobe: Suits

The second edition of Fashion Editor Paul McLauchlan’s monthly column sees him wear a suit to college every day for a week to see how students respond to seeing formalwear amongst the more casual, conventional styles worn on campus .  For my second wardrobe experiment, I wanted to wear a suit to college for a […]

The Not-So Lonely Planet: Janice to Jetlag: Adjusting to the USA

  I kneeled on the hardwood floor of my room sobbing, looking at the cold body lying in front of me. She had been split into two halves, her dark-lined repository gutted and open; ready to be embalmed for our next life. Let’s talk about Janice. Janice caught my eye with her bargain price and offensively tacky […]

Motley Tries Love

Hannah Kingston’s February column sees her take on a very different sort of challenge; an eating disorder. I’m not talking about Colin Firth or Keira Knightley running through meadows. This is all about the most important kind of love; self-love. People will most likely roll their eyes at this article. I know I probably would […]

Motley Tries: An Investigation into Homelessness

By Hannah Kingston Ice-cold he lay there with no one to care. In December 2014, Mr. John Cotter, 43 was found in a doorway on Molesworth Street. Enda Kenny said €55m had been set aside to deal with the homeless and a huge social housing programme initiated. “Homelessness is a complicated matter,” said Mr. Kenny, […]

Motley Tries Tinder

Hannah Kingston | Disclaimer: Motley Tries Tinder will make you cringe. Like most, when it first appeared, I downloaded Tinder “just to have a look.” My first impression was that is was, quite frankly, sleazy and a bit grim. I got rid of it almost immediately. This summer, however, I once again became interested in […]