Can Men Be Better?

  Gillette’s recent advertisement is an example of “Woke Advertising,” in which companies have realized that in today’s political climate, taking a public stance or supporting a controversial figure is no longer mutually exclusive with having an effective marketing strategy. However, when corporations attempt to commodify certain social movements, the risk doesn’t always pay off. Gillette’s latest commercial, titled “We Believe: The Best Men Can … Continue reading Can Men Be Better?

An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing

Killian Down What’s something everyone around you knows you’re obsessed with and why? Someone once described Mancunian band Elbow’s album, The Take Off and Landing of Everything, as an epic of the everyday, a romance of the real. It was an allusion to lyrics which draw on reserves of emotion usually saved for grand romance, but spill out in Guy Garvey’s gentle drawl and find … Continue reading An Ode to (Good) Sports Writing