UCC’s Confession:

Every month, Motley publishes a spill-your-guts confession. This month, our first confession is a thoughtful reflection on what it’s like not being out in your workplace.    The summer before last, I got a job at a manufacturing company. I didn’t have any specialised skills; I was packaging boxes filled with products. I just wanted […]

UCC’s Confession: The Right-Wing Rabbit Hole and Intellectual Redemption

As part of Motley’s examination of how populism affects your mental health, an anonymous contributor gives her account of how populism seemed to offer her a lifebuoy which then turned out to be a breezeblock   The Repeal the 8th movement was a pivotal shift in Irish political culture, something that even the most proudly […]

UCC’s Confession

There are three things certain in life: death, taxes, and opportunistic landlords. From the perspective of a college student, one of the only dampeners on my college experience has been the absolutely dire situation which is college accommodation. As a college student in Cork city, it is as if you have only two options when […]