Consent: Looking at Legislative Change?

FIONA HUGHES SPEAKS TO DR CATHERINE O’SULLIVAN ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT DECISION OF DPP v C O’R AND HOW THIS WILL IMPACT OUR RAPE LAW “Rape is described as not only the second most important offence on our statute books but a violation of one’s constitutional rights and yet the conviction rates are incredibly low.” […]

Positive Consent: A Student Led Initiative

Words: Pip Keogh Consent is a word you have hopefully been hearing more lately. You may have tuned into the Academy Awards  and seen Lady Gaga’s emotional performance of Til Happens to You where she was joined on stage by fellow survivors of sexual violence. US Vice President Joe Biden introduced her and encouraged people […]

Playing the Blame Game

Eoin McSweeney meets with Mary Crilly, director of the Cork Sexual Violence Centre, to discuss the issue of victim blaming in the wake of the scandal which involved young Cork women’s Facebook photos being place on a pornographic website. “Here’s a girl I fucking hate, she thinks she’s better than everyone and I want to […]

What A Consent Class Looks Like

Amy O’Callaghan defends the worthiness of introducing consent classes in Irish Universities There’s a big conversation happening around the issue of consent at the moment, and rightly so. It finally appears as if the horrendous cycle of rape culture is being discussed in an effective matter by raising awareness of how “no” means “no.” It’s […]

Editorial: We Need To Talk About Consent

Words: Ellen Desmond Consent is a media buzzword. Yet, the reality of everyday, face-to-face conversation and culture is removed from this. Ireland shrugs off inappropriate, harassing jokes. Our culture belittles the severity of sexual assault as “lad banter.” It silences the victims of rape; it makes it too difficult to get a conviction against the […]

This is an open letter to incoming and returning students, 2015.

Anonymous Having spent most of the summer in (a very quiet) UCC, it is great to see the campus coming back to life with students beginning and continuing their studies. As an outgoing student, I feel as though I have a responsibility to help ensure your time here will be as positive as possible. I […]