Interview: Foil Arms & Hog

Features Editor, Gemma Kent, sits down with Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna and Sean Flanagan (better known as Foil, Arms and Hog) to talk franchising, winning streaks, and a mid-filming debacle with the Gardaí. It’s the 30th of June, and myself and my right-hand woman, Katie, are queueing up outside the City Limits Comedy Club just off Patrick’s Hill, wondering how I will explain to the … Continue reading Interview: Foil Arms & Hog

Interview: Dry Roasted Peanuts

I met JJ Lee, Marc Ó Cearnaigh, Chris O’Sullivan and Robert McDonnell – otherwise known as Dry Roasted Peanuts – in one of Cork School of Music’s many practice rooms on a humid, mid-July afternoon. The space was mostly taken up by two shiny grand pianos – Robert tapped out a tune on one as we all took our seats. I used the other as … Continue reading Interview: Dry Roasted Peanuts

Theatre Review: Two Pints

Roddy Doyle’s latest onstage venture packs an emotional punch, writes Hannah Carberry By Dir. Catriona McLaughlin Some might say that the existence of good writing is threatened by the digital age. One man who proves this theory wrong is Roddy Doyle, who in 2011 began using Facebook as a platform for his latest work, a series of lightly comical conversations between two middle-aged men meeting … Continue reading Theatre Review: Two Pints

The Starbucks Invasion

Maria Hennigan explains why it’s not just all fun and Starbucks   “What the …?” my girlfriend yells as she steers us through traffic on Patrick Street. “When did this get here?” Her tone is disgusted; I prepare for the worst. She is pointing at the shop fronts but I can’t see anything out of order. “What?” I ask. “Another Starbucks!” And now I see … Continue reading The Starbucks Invasion