The Environment of Coronavirus

With the world grinding to a sudden halt in March 2020, as a world we’ve had to reflect on the damage we’ve been doing to our environment and further, to ourselves. Moira Brennan discusses some of the international impacts the virus has had on the environment.  2020 will be documented extensively in history books and […]

Purposeless, Voiceless and Expressionless: An Indirect Impact of Covid-19

Imagine you are standing in a room. A very small windowless room that, despite the plush sofa and painting of a flower, is a far cry from a comfortable room because comfort implies pleasantness and relaxation. The room you are in is tense, tight and torrid. You stand as close to the wall as you […]

500 Irish and British citizens stranded in Peruvian Coronavirus lockdown

    Méabh Lonergan speaks with members of the #UKStuckInPeru group on the lockdown, repatriation, and governmental progress.    The global Covid-19 outbreak has spiked measures of varying degrees in different governments across the globe – with friction being seen in places.  One such example is the 500 UK and Irish citizens stranded in Peru, […]

The Coronavirus and the Media Organism: Infection, Transmission, Sensation

Matthew Moynihan shows how the Coronavirus has infected the mass media and how this live host is incubating dirty journalism. The most resounding media coverage of 2020 to date has been the rapid spread of the novel Coronavirus, more recently named CO-VID19 by the World Health Organisation. The media has been contaminated from the start. […]