A Letter to Pat Kenny

03/03/2021 Dear Pat, I woke up this morning to day 355 of covid-19 restrictions, the groundhogesque feeling arising through the knots in my stomach and the invisible weight that sits on my chest. The same day to live. Again. And Again. And Again. I opened up my laptop on the desk three feet from the […]

Touch Starvation – the Sex Lives of UCC Students During COVID-19

The Motley Current Affairs Team have collated the sexiest survey ever performed in UCC because who doesn’t need some statistical sexual voyeurism in their lives right now? Written & compiled by John Hunter and Alana Daly Mulligan.   COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways: online learning, reduced travel, restricted gatherings, closed bars and […]

How to Make a Global Pandemic Sexy

Sex can often make or break a relationship. And with the unprecedented times we’re in (God that phrase is so overused), peoples sex lives can be put under a similarly unprecedented amount of strain. If your sex life, like so many others, has been impacted by the very unsexy global pandemic, then Jack Wrixon is […]

Pride Inside? – the LGBTQ+ Community and the Mental Health Impact of COVID-19

Current Affairs Staff Writer John Hunter reflects on queerness in quarantine and how COVID19 is affecting the Irish LGBTQ+ community.  There is a tragic truth to the phrase “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. As 2021 dawned, there was a sense of cautious optimism that the year ahead would bring with […]