The Painter

  A brief canvas of obsession and compulsion Etched blackened veins in strokes Of leaden paint. The painter in his madness portrayed chaos. What he thought were masterpieces were merely the manipulations of the claws that trickled up his spine, sending signals to his ailing wrists. One day he stood back, stooped in calmed breath, […]

Interview: Le Boom

  In anticipation of their October gig in Cyprus Avenue, Motley Editor Dan Webb sits down with Christy Leech, one half of Irish musical duo Le Boom.   Throughout the history of our country, something that has always defined us as a nation has been our music. Throughout many generations, we have so much passed […]

The Caged Quill

Words: Rosie Howe Embracing solitude for warmth Cold winters bite my lonely soul Which lies susceptible and vulnerable Without a protector or comfort. My nib scratches the surface of silence, Tearing away all society. Am I alone? Guarded by none but a pen for a kukri and ink for venom?   Open are the wounds […]

The Butterfly Effect

Coincidence, destiny, or fate – what is the force that guides our lives? By Aoife Walsh. Growing up, my mother always told my sisters and I ‘what’s for you won’t pass you’. Anytime we were faced with the harsh realities of life, she swooped in with a cup of tea and reminded us that if […]

Of Grave Concern

The Western world has transformed death, writes Lauren Mulvihill – but what are the consequences? Life has a 100% fatality rate. We’ve been trying to get around this fact for a long, long time, and to no avail. Even with earth’s human population standing at its highest point in history, the dead outnumber the living […]

Motley Poetry

Transcendence Leanne O Connor Desmond Autumn falls in folds around my feet Bodies beat back the sweet sounds of Degradation, an alien Nation rises from the Earth built on the toil of our ancestors. Whispers carried through the fog-drum-beats Long lost, we dance to the rhythm of our Mothers’ syllables. The lonely lullaby of The […]