The Refugee Radio Network – Telling Your Story In A World Gone Mad

Máirín-Rua Ní Aodha speaks to Larry Moore Macauly, founding member and editor of the Refugee Radio Network which is based in Hamburg, Germany.   Larry Moore Macauly is a refugee and arrived in Germany 2 years ago, having left Nigeria. He set up the refugee radio network with 2 other refugees shortly after his arrival with the aim of empowering people and connecting cultures.He explains … Continue reading The Refugee Radio Network – Telling Your Story In A World Gone Mad

No Old Bar, No Holds Barred – Motley Opinion

This article has been updated in response to new information provided by the UCC SU president. Yesterday, the UCC Students Union revealed a press release that marked the public announcement of the closure of the Old Bar, and the start of a campaign by UCCSU, the Societies Guild and the Clubs Executive, in opposition to the closure. The press release referred to an open letter sent … Continue reading No Old Bar, No Holds Barred – Motley Opinion

Every Colour Illuminates

Eoin McSweeney examines the contrast between LGBT* rights at home and abroad as he writes from his work placement in a legal aid clinic that specialises in LGBT* issues in Philadelphia. Mia is picked up by police in Philadelphia for assaulting a man outside a club after he calls her a “tranny.” While she is taken to be stripped and searched, Mia is only referred … Continue reading Every Colour Illuminates

Playing the Blame Game

Eoin McSweeney meets with Mary Crilly, director of the Cork Sexual Violence Centre, to discuss the issue of victim blaming in the wake of the scandal which involved young Cork women’s Facebook photos being place on a pornographic website. “Here’s a girl I fucking hate, she thinks she’s better than everyone and I want to see her taken down a bit. I can think of … Continue reading Playing the Blame Game

The Chimes of Freedom Flashing

Eoghan Scott reflects upon his time spent volunteering in the Greek refugee camp ‘Moria.’ As I sit here writing this, I find that it becomes difficult to condense such an experience into words. Since returning from Greece, this is actually the most that I’ve thought about it. It’s taking me back right now, a bit more than I would like, to be honest. Volunteering in … Continue reading The Chimes of Freedom Flashing

Defeating Daesh: The Fall of Ramadi

Now that Iraqi government forces have finally taken control of the Iraqi city of Ramadi, Brian O’ Connor gives his take on what challenges lie ahead in the fight against Daesh. For almost two years, the entire world has watched as Daesh (also known as ISIS) have gained control of more and more territory, which is now roughly the same size as Great Britain. The … Continue reading Defeating Daesh: The Fall of Ramadi