The Promise of Mycelium for Ensuring Sustainable Development

Contributing writer Leah Moynihan looks at ways in which mycelium can be used as a replacement for various different environmentally harmful materials in light of the ongoing climate crisis.    Imagine a future where you never have to open a package full of polystyrene again. Imagine a future where our plastics no longer contain crude […]

The Uncertain Cross-border Implications of the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

Current affairs editor Ronan Keohane discusses the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II in light of the turbulent economic situation and remarks on the polarised nature of online discourses which muffle the complex nature of what she symbolises.   The recent death of Queen Elizabeth II occurred on September 8th 2022 at 18:30 BST in […]

Globalisation beyond the borders of the Global North: The consequences of a fundamentally unfair International order.

Current-Affairs editor Ronan Keohane looks at present-day examples of extreme weather phenomena and addresses the emergence of these climate issues in light of Globalisation and the current International Order.   Globalisation is often regarded in a positive light as it has been generally accredited for unprecedented technological advancements and intellectual enlightenment throughout the world at […]

The incel community and the importance of tackling extremism

In light of recent tragic events in Plymouth where a gunman opened fire on innocent people in the name of the incel “community”, Current Affairs Editor Conor Daly looks at the importance of being an active bystander.   The use of quotation marks in the above introduction is merely to highlight the irony of the […]

Photoshop & Mental Health: The Effects of Altering Reality to Fit Unrealistic Beauty Standards

In light of changes to current advertising legislation, May Weber talks to Motley about the impact of photoshop on the mental health of individuals, particularly young women. [Please note that the following article makes reference to mental illness, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide.]      A recent ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in […]

Facing the Truth While Holding Hands with Controversy: Law-Abiding AI & Crime

Alana Daly Mulligan looks at the use of Artificial Intelligence by police and asks the question, is our privacy worth our protection, and how protected are we? Content Warning: This article contains a discussion of image-based sexual abuse, sexual violence & paedophilia which some readers may find upsetting.    Whether or not you agree with police, […]