Senior Solitude Is Not Just Seasonal

In response to the 2015 John Lewis Christmas advertisement, Dion Davis highlights the problem of loneliness for the elderly. Her skin is frail and her breathing shallow. The room is empty, a contrast to the packed streets adjacent to her house. She recalls a time when her sitting room was abounding and energetic, filled with family and content. The elderly woman sits alone this Christmas, … Continue reading Senior Solitude Is Not Just Seasonal

Silence Is Not Always Golden

Current Affairs editor Dion Davis explains how the establishment of Tusla has let to the cutting of much needed funds for The Rape Crisis Network One in five girls and one in six boys experience sexual abuse. A staggering one in ten women are raped within their lifetime. Four out of five survivors of sexual violence do not report it or seek counselling.  The Rape Crisis … Continue reading Silence Is Not Always Golden

Get to know your Students’ Union

By Dion Davis A students’ union is the body that represents students of a university and acts on their behalf in matters of interest. For incoming first years, a student union that actually represents your interests in the college might seem a mile away from the representation you received in secondary school. These guys and girls actually do help enhance your student experience within the … Continue reading Get to know your Students’ Union

The Rise of Independents

With a General Election around the corner, Dion Davis examines the increasing popularity of Independent TDs.   Independent TDs have been around for decades, however in recent months their popularity has often overshadowed the main political parties. Twenty-eight TDs in the current Dáil are Independent or Others; this leap from the last election is set to increase again. The rise of a left wing culture … Continue reading The Rise of Independents