Drugs Are Winning the War on Drugs. It’s time We Change the Game

When it comes to the illegal drug trade, Ireland has a long history of ignoring the root cause of the issue, preferring to throw money and resources at the unfortunate symptoms. It is no surprise then to hear whispers of decriminalisation, a policy that has proved incredibly successful in Portugal since 2001. Grace Catherine Morey […]

Are you living the ‘College Dream’?

The stereotype based around the ‘college dream’ is one that has been spoken about  and challenged by students for many years in Ireland. Now that I have you thinking, I want  you to ask yourself; What is the college dream? As a young adult in the last two years of your  secondary school education, you […]

It’s time we called a truce on the war on drugs

Orla Leahy writes for Motley as part of a series on why those who are drug addicts should be treated as patients, not criminals. How can Ireland learn from our Mediterranean neighbours? Reading David Sheff’s novel, Beautiful Boy, opened my eyes to the reality of drug addiction. As a society, many of us have ill-conceived […]

‘Everything Must Go’ and its Portrayal of Alcoholism

by Ronan Watters   Ronan Watters explores the nuanced portrayal of alcoholism in Dan Rush’s 2010 film.   Everything Must Go is not a perfect film. It could even be argued that it is not a film that looks at the horror of alcoholism with much depth. But for some reason after I saw it, […]

From Wheat to Weed – Diversifying Farming in Canada

by Célio Fioretti Célio Fioretti talks with Because You Cann founder Serena Donovan about how she went from growing canola to cannabis as a result of Canada’s legalisation of marijuana.  Serena Donovan is a farmer, and on the property she runs with her husband Ian near Vulcan in rural Alberta, a new greenhouse has been […]

The Liquidity of Affairs

As part of Motley’s series on the examination of drugs through the lens of poetry, Ava Ní  Loinsigh presents a sympathetic piece on the hardship of alcohol abuse.   The Liquidity of Affairs It’s because of her in the early hours that he screams and shouts, A liquid mistress in the night she sashays in […]