15 minutes

  In Motley series examining drug use through the lens of poetry, we first have a contribution by Imasha Costa with her melancholic piece ‘15 minutes’   15 minutes   a bump, a high. loneliness and heartbreak devours me, the fine lines neatly pressed. 15 minutes.  ecstasy and pleasure; remind me of times i was […]

An Image of Melody: Étáin on the Visual Inspirations Behind her new Single “Bone House”

by Kane Geary O’ Keeffe  Following the release of her single ‘Bone House’, Kane Geary O’ Keeffe speaks with Étáin on the wonders of music production, visuals in music, and the value of connection in the creative arts. The sun stretches from Meath to Cork as I sit down across from Étáin Collins, known simply  […]

The Origins of the Manic Pixie Dream Addict: Deconstructing the Male Gaze

Fourteen years ago, the celebrated teen drama ‘Skins’ was aired. Since it’s release, ‘Skins’ became emblematic of hedonistic adolescent culture with the highs and lows of first love, family drama and drug experimentation. One character has become a spiritual totem of this show- Effy Stonem. Girls want to be her and men want to be […]

Zack Snyder’s Justice League: A Cut Above the Rest?

by Ruari Walsh    Ruairi Walsh Offers his thoughts on the newly released superhero behemoth.   Following years of fan campaigning, rumours leaked from cast and crew, and denials of its existence, Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on March 18th, 2021. The film, released and produced by the HBO Max streaming service, is marketed […]

Mental Health and Party Drugs: What You Need to Know

As part of Motley’s issue on drugs, we conducted a survey where we asked students to share their experiences with party drugs in relation to their mental health. Here’s some important things to know about doing drugs and minding your mental health.    Alcohol: Alcohol is a depressant, meaning it slows down the functions of […]

Consumerism: The Addiction of the Collective

By Kate Bisogno   “The internet is only fuelling our consumption addiction.” Kate Bisogno discusses the pitfalls of overconsumption and retail addiction in a late-stage capitalist society and how they cast a grim shadow over our daily lives.   Unnecessary consumerism is something that we as a society are indisputably guilty of. For most, the […]