Issue Five Editorial

I’ve been editing student writing going on three years at this point, and one thing that never fails to amaze me is just how good it is. There’s an awful lot of literary and journalistic talent in our midst, and that’s true no matter the genre: fiction? Fantastic stuff. Current affairs? Wonderful. Poetry? Outstanding. But it’s not just raw talent that makes an article stand … Continue reading Issue Five Editorial

Editorial: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Words: Ellen Desmond This month’s print issue of Motley is full of varying opinions on different aspects of education. We’ve got graduates mourning their college days and final years desperately trying to save the semester. In a broader discussion of learning on page 42, Eoin McSweeney discusses how, for him, education was key to understanding the struggles faced by Trans* people. Taking learning outside the … Continue reading Editorial: Defence Against the Dark Arts

Editorial: Page Easily Found

Ellen Desmond Everyone makes questionable decisions from time to time. It’s a given that we won’t be proud of our every moment, especially of time spent as a student. However, with unprecedented frequency, we are beginning to preserve our every move online. For the majority, there’s now a significant amount of ourselves distorted and saved on the internet. On page 10 of this issue, Leah … Continue reading Editorial: Page Easily Found

Editorial: It’s All Looking Pretty Cheap Now, In Fairness.

Words: Ellen Desmond What’s Your Cup Size? “A campus café has been forced to remove its latest advertising after students described the signage as sexist,” writes the Irish Examiner. And describe it the students did. Prior to its removal, there were varying opinions being voiced; all shouted loudly, venomously, repeatedly, and predominantly on social media (as cowardly students are all too apt at using as … Continue reading Editorial: It’s All Looking Pretty Cheap Now, In Fairness.

Editorial: So I’ve Been Publicly Censored

Words: Ellen Desmond In light of the recent campus referendum on the 8th amendment, I had intended to write this editorial about abortion rights, but apparently that’s not festive enough for December. Instead, I’m going to talk about something that is festive enough for December; Starbucks cups. “Cupgate 2015” is the current global crisis (the only one festive enough to discuss, apparently). The coffee cups … Continue reading Editorial: So I’ve Been Publicly Censored