Editorial: It’s All Looking Pretty Cheap Now, In Fairness.

Words: Ellen Desmond What’s Your Cup Size? “A campus café has been forced to remove its latest advertising after students described the signage as sexist,” writes the Irish Examiner. And describe it the students did. Prior to its removal, there were varying opinions being voiced; all shouted loudly, venomously, repeatedly, and predominantly on social media […]

Editorial: So I’ve Been Publicly Censored

Words: Ellen Desmond In light of the recent campus referendum on the 8th amendment, I had intended to write this editorial about abortion rights, but apparently that’s not festive enough for December. Instead, I’m going to talk about something that is festive enough for December; Starbucks cups. “Cupgate 2015” is the current global crisis (the […]

Editorial: “You’re born naked and the rest is drag.”

Words: Ellen Desmond Having Bianca del Rio from RuPaul’s Drag Race on the cover of our magazine is far from the controversial decision it once would have been. Perhaps this is because there’s currently a certain something happening to the art of drag. It was incredibly easy to fit other relevant drag references in our Arts […]

Editorial: We Need To Talk About Consent

Words: Ellen Desmond Consent is a media buzzword. Yet, the reality of everyday, face-to-face conversation and culture is removed from this. Ireland shrugs off inappropriate, harassing jokes. Our culture belittles the severity of sexual assault as “lad banter.” It silences the victims of rape; it makes it too difficult to get a conviction against the […]

Editorial: May 2015

Words: Ellen Desmond Traditionally, a student editor in UCC will use their last editorial to call for better facilities for their suffering successors. The student media in this University, for those of you who don’t know, work with absolutely nothing. I myself have a desk: an empty one, with no phone and no computer. I’ve […]

Editorial: He’s A Mean One Mr Grinch

Words: Ellen Desmond Issue 4 of Motley was a tough one – it was a tough one to get started and a tough one to put together. Perhaps, part of the reason is because November is the month of the year where everyone is tired and hanging on by a thread until Christmas – or […]