How ‘The Last of Us’ Series Does Dystopia Correctly- A World In Fear of Fungi

Jessica Anne Rose examines the popular video game series The Last of Us and how it engages with its dystopian environment.     Dystopia is a common setting for a lot of video games, novels and movies, and can easily feel overdone or copied. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us gets it right, however. It […]

Creating a Border Between Personal and Academic Reading

Deputy Entertainment Editor Chloe Barrett writes about the importance of maintaining boundaries in the world of books while you’re in college, along with how to escape a reading slump.    Hello, my name is Chloe, and I am an avid reader. Yes, that sounds like the opening to a support group. This is the point […]

A Parasocial Sense of Self: A Review of ‘Not Okay’

By Jessica Anne Rose ‘Not Okay’ starring Zoey Deutsch arrived on our screens in July, and quickly gathered traction online. Naturally I was intrigued; I love a film I know no context to in the hope that I can be caught unawares, so I eagerly settled down to watch it. The film opened with a […]

Mapping the Borders of The Mountain Goats

Contributor Tess Isabelle O’Regan contemplates the theme of borders present in the music of The Mountain Goats.   In the first line of the third verse of International Small Arms Traffic Blues, John Darnielle, frontman of The Mountain Goats, proclaims: “Our love is like the border between Greece and Albania”. You expect a certain amount […]

On the Record with Trick Mist

Entertainment editor Seán Enda Donnelly interviews Trick Mist on the release of his new album, The Hedge Maze and the Spade, a strikingly surreal mediation on loss, childhood and the future. Neuroscience suggests memories weave together our past, present, and future. The same brain processes that we use in recollection aid us in future planning […]

Beyond the Realms of Musical Composition: Historical Examples of Music Being Used as a Political Instrument

Ronan Keohane discusses examples in which music has been used for political ideological purposes and alludes to possible contemporary examples.   Ever since the invention of the music telegraph in the 1890’s by Guglielmo Marconi, which helped facilitate the recording and broadcasting of music throughout the world at large, music has been an instrument used […]