In the loop with Ian Williams

Hassan Baker  I rang Ian Williams of Battles expecting a simple and definitely interesting interview, but unbeknownst to me the trees around my estate were scheduled to be cut down on that exact morning.  When he answered we got started, but in the background there was a constant grinding sound of saws gnawing on wood, feeding into my laptop’s microphone, and coming out of Ian’s … Continue reading In the loop with Ian Williams

Electric Picnic

Entertainment Edit – March

What we are talking about this month: Pokémon 2016 marks the twentieth anniversary since the original Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green games were released in Japan and therefore marking the birth of a legacy. With several hit television shows, feature films and games this legacy seems to have no intention of slowing down anytime soon. How can it be over a decade since Ash, Brock … Continue reading Entertainment Edit – March

BLOC PARTY: A New Chapter

Robbie Byrne talks to the self-confessed grandpa of Bloc Party, Justin Harris, on old feuds, new sounds and a bright  future. Earlier this year, democratic socialism, the lifelong foe of American capitalism, rose above decades of mockery and disdain. A spiritual awakening of a nation locked by Trump fever, democratic socialism is the romantic balladeer to capitalism’s Wolf of Wall Street. Like its socialist frontman … Continue reading BLOC PARTY: A New Chapter

Something a Little Bit Different

Eoghan Scott sits down for a quick catch up with The Academic, before they perform at UCC’s RAG Week. “We love playing Cork, especially Cyprus Avenue. We’ve always had great shows there – the crowds are always crazy, so I’m looking forward to more of the same in a few weeks’ time!” So says Dean Gavin, drummer of fast-rising Mullingar band The Academic. The Cyprus … Continue reading Something a Little Bit Different

Running with Wolves

Ahead of their Grammy performance on the 15th of February, Robbie Byrne talks to Wolf Alice stickman and songwriter Joel Amey about his prolific songwriting ethic, scotch egg fracas, and 80s horror. “Sorry man.” “No. No, I’m sorry, mate.” Ten miscalls later, I’m not sure who’s more apologetic. Blame it on watching Spinal Tap one too many times, but I’ve lived with this hair-brained belief … Continue reading Running with Wolves