Rituals: An Interview with Rob Doyle

Laura Hussey discusses the change of momentum in the Irish literary scene with Dublin based author, Rob Doyle. Rob Doyle has just released his second book This is the Ritual, the first of his published by Bloomsbury. I let him know that This is the Ritual is placed on the shelf in Waterstones Cork next to Edna O’Brien’s latest novel The Little Red Chairs. He … Continue reading Rituals: An Interview with Rob Doyle

#OscarsSoWhite … (again)

Amy O’ Callaghan takes a look at one of the film industry’s greatest downfalls, ahead of this awards season. There are only two major things being discussed in regards to the 2016 Academy Awards: whether or not Leo will finally get his Oscar and the blatantly obvious lack of people of colour in the nominations list. Following the 2015 nominations, when Ava DuVernay was snubbed … Continue reading #OscarsSoWhite … (again)

REVIEW: Rihanna – ANTI

Words: Amy O’ Callaghan Few albums of recent years have been as anticipated and begged for as Barbadian singer Rihanna’s new release, ANTI. Her first release since 2012’s Unapologetic, it was leaked on Tidal, removed and added all in the same day, with Rihanna eventually accompanying the upload with a link for a free download to the album. The hype and anticipation surrounding ANTI could … Continue reading REVIEW: Rihanna – ANTI

Blood on the Page: An Interview with Eimear McBride

Just days after submitting the final draft of her second novel to the publishers, Eimear McBride spoke to Laura Hussey about the success of her debut novel, her unique writing style and why the second book has blood on the pages. Although it took the better part of a decade to get her first novel, A Girl is a Half-formed Thing published, Eimear McBride never … Continue reading Blood on the Page: An Interview with Eimear McBride

REVIEW: Rebellion

Review: Alison Driscoll It was very much anticipated that the 1916 Centenary would be coming at us from every angle – much like Justin Bieber’s hits of late – but would it be as catching? I would have said no, and argued against all the pomp and hype surrounding this commemoration. However, tuning into RTE’s depiction of 1916 Ireland in Rebellion shut me right up. … Continue reading REVIEW: Rebellion