The Good, The Bad and The Bressie

Niall Breslin talks to Motley’s Ava Somers on music, modern love and Neoliberalism.   Niall Breslin is one of the best-known Irish pop-culture icons of our generation. His careers in football, rugby and music, led to finally his latest feat, the realm of mental health. His “Where Is My Mind” podcast was a huge part […]

Bee and Puppycat Is The Animated Space Show That You Need

Deputy Entertainment Editor, Chloe Barrett, discusses Netflix’s recent release, Bee and Puppycat while diving into the lore of the original show.   If you’ve ever been in the headspace where you are so burnt out from work and are begging for a few moments that you can simply use to switch off and vibe, Bee […]

BRB, Moving to Planet Her – The Award-Winning R&B Album by Doja Cat

By Jessica Anne Rose    It’s not a proper playlist if Doja isn’t on it. The acclaimed third studio album Planet Her (2021) took home the Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Album, and the American Music Award for Favorite Album Soul/R&B. Planet Her came to our streaming services during a pandemic, spreading joy and […]

A Guide to New Doctor Who

Justine Lepage takes you on an adventure in time and space in anticipation of Doctor Who’s latest (re)incarnation.   Dear reader, have you ever watched the British sci-fi tv show Doctor Who? Did you have a sibling who forced you to watch the Kylie Minogue Christmas special growing up? Were you terminally online and obsessed […]

How The Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Got Lost In Space

Deputy Entertainment Editor, Chloe Barrett, writes about the Guardians Of The Galaxy console game and explores the reason why it flew so low under the radar.   Marvel’s Avengers (2020) was released over two years ago, but the disappointment that followed has refused to age, still haunting the gaming industry to this day. Square Enix […]

How ‘The Last of Us’ Series Does Dystopia Correctly- A World In Fear of Fungi

Jessica Anne Rose examines the popular video game series The Last of Us and how it engages with its dystopian environment.     Dystopia is a common setting for a lot of video games, novels and movies, and can easily feel overdone or copied. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us gets it right, however. It […]