California Burning – Climate Change and the US Presidential Election

As the United States lunges into debate season ahead of its presidential election on 3nd November, International Affairs writer John Hunter discusses the sea change of American thought and public opinion on the issue of climate change.  It was during a heatwave when the lightning struck. This triggered the latest burning of California State which, […]

The Environment of Coronavirus

With the world grinding to a sudden halt in March 2020, as a world we’ve had to reflect on the damage we’ve been doing to our environment and further, to ourselves. Moira Brennan discusses some of the international impacts the virus has had on the environment.  2020 will be documented extensively in history books and […]

Reacting Out: Should Ireland Consider Nuclear Energy?

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Stephen Moynihan tackles the issue of Nuclear Energy in Ireland – is it viable given the developments in technology or are there simply too many strings attached for Ireland to consider?  The discussion around nuclear energy as a viable, alternative clean energy source is one that undoubtedly turns heads, but with […]


Maeve McTaggart sits down with Lilya Iman Chala, fifteen-year-old founder of Extinction Rebellion Youth Cork and one of the group’s members, seventeen-year-old Clodagh Perrott, to discuss youth climate activism and the adults who resist it.   In a pantomime of politeness to children, older generations regularly stoop to the three-foot eye-level of a child and […]

Capitalism and Climate Action – can we have both?

Is it possible to see successful and sustainable climate action under capitalism? Can individual effort save our planet? Aisling O’Leary explores the fact that perhaps neither is possible, that we need change – big, sometimes inconveniencing, change.   The future that climate change has forced us to visualise is a bleak one, and bleaker again […]

The True Cost

  Richard Kelly exposes the consequences of our relationship with clothing consumption and what we can do to change them before it’s too late. Have you ever asked ‘how do our fashion choices affect the planet? Are we subconsciously doing more damage than good by way of our clothing consumption?’ Unfortunately, the answer seems to […]