Every Colour Illuminates

Eoin McSweeney examines the contrast between LGBT* rights at home and abroad as he writes from his work placement in a legal aid clinic that specialises in LGBT* issues in Philadelphia. Mia is picked up by police in Philadelphia for assaulting a man outside a club after he calls her a “tranny.” While she is taken to be stripped and searched, Mia is only referred … Continue reading Every Colour Illuminates

Playing the Blame Game

Eoin McSweeney meets with Mary Crilly, director of the Cork Sexual Violence Centre, to discuss the issue of victim blaming in the wake of the scandal which involved young Cork women’s Facebook photos being place on a pornographic website. “Here’s a girl I fucking hate, she thinks she’s better than everyone and I want to see her taken down a bit. I can think of … Continue reading Playing the Blame Game

Catch 22: An Investigation into Gun Regulation in America

Eoin McSweeney, speaks with Jonathan Goldstein, an expert on US firearms law, about the recent mass shootings occurring across the country and how gun regulation can be improved. “The first of our kind has struck fear into the hearts of America. His cries have been heard, even by the President. This is only the beginning. The Beta Rebellion has begun. Soon, more of our brothers … Continue reading Catch 22: An Investigation into Gun Regulation in America

The American Dream

Eoin McSweeney debunks the theory that the US is the greatest country in the world What makes America the greatest country in the world? In a brilliant speech, Jeff Daniels, or more accurately his character, Will McAvoy, tears this question to shreds at the beginning of The Newsroom. “There is absolutely no evidence to support the statement that we’re the greatest country in the world. … Continue reading The American Dream