A Week in my Wardrobe

Opening up my wardrobe publicly for a week is admittedly daunting, and a pressure which I’m certain is familiar to most. No longer do we fear the eyes of others judging whether our outfit choices are trendy enough, expensive enough, fashionable enough – we now face ethical dilemmas.It is so fitting that the first issue […]

Interview : The Nu Wardrobe

Sadhbh Sullivan interviews the Irish fashion entrepreneurs In a world of fast fashion, where designs move from the runway to the high street in as little as two weeks, it seems as though many of us are oblivious to the implications of our clothing choices. With the ability to pay as little as €3 for […]

Cheap and (Not So) Cheerful

High street fashion comes at a high price for the environment, writes Caoimhe Coleman At the beginning of the year I, like many people, set myself some resolutions. One of those was to stop buying ‘fast fashion,’ a concept which I really only became conscious of in the last year or so. Fast fashion puts […]