AI, Ethics & The European Union

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Stephen Moynihan talks with UCC’s own Professor Barry O’Sullivan on his recent tenure as the Vice-Chair of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. “Of course there are risks… you can’t just let any old technology in the world because you can. There are protections that you need to […]

Can a Computer Stop a Bullet? – A.I. and the Battle to Prevent Mass Shootings

Motley Staff Writer John Hunter talks to the founder of NeverAgainTech, Shreya Nallapti about her artificial intelligence invention to predict and prevent mass shootings.  Shreya Nallapati tells Motley she is part of “the mass-shooting generation”. Born in Denver, Colorado in 2000, Nallapati grew up in the shadow of the state’s infamous mass-shootings: the Columbine High […]