The hidden consequences of the EU anti-deforestation policy on the economically disadvantaged

Ronan Keohane discusses the economic and political consequences anti-deforestation policy approved by the European Council in light of recent events and proposes possible refinements to the policy which would lessen these consequences Ever since the industrial revolution, there has been a large number of ways that humanity has contributed to the degradation of our soils […]

AI, Ethics & The European Union

Deputy Current Affairs Editor Stephen Moynihan talks with UCC’s own Professor Barry O’Sullivan on his recent tenure as the Vice-Chair of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert Group on Artificial Intelligence. “Of course there are risks… you can’t just let any old technology in the world because you can. There are protections that you need to […]


Maeve McTaggart looks at the man who took Hungary into the shadows, allowing it to slip 31 places on the World Freedom Index in seven years to 87th. Ranked the least democratic of all European member states, Maeve shines a light on how the EU can pull Hungary back from the depths of it’s ‘half […]

It’s B-Day. Now what?

At midnight on January 31st 2020, Great Britain and Northern Ireland will no longer be members of the European Union. It is a deadline day which has been both longed for and procrastinated since the 2016 referendum which divided a nation and stuck a thorn in the side of the EU, but what happens now? […]

Brexit – A Blessing In Disguise for UCC Students?

Motley’s Editor-in-chief, Eoin McSweeney, examines what Brexit means for Ireland and it’s youngest and brightest It looked like David Cameron had steered the ship to safety. His promise to lead his crew to new heights of prosperity was becoming a reality and his gamble had paid off. His and the UK’s destination could be seen […]